Other Trees

Last time I took a week to paint whatever I wanted, almost all of the paintings involved trees.  I seem to have some kind of tree obsession.  There are a million different ways to paint trees!  Here are a few:


If you have a favorite tree (or type of tree) feel free to send me a picture for a custom quote.  I can make a realistic painting or an impressionistic painting.  See below for examples!  Also, since trees are such a huge part of nature, you'll find many more trees in my nature gallery.  Those are more realistic depictions.

"Birds of a Feather" is a three piece Modern Impressionist painting with a total size of 20" x 48".  $250.  Very bright and colorful!  Other color options and sizes available - see my ordering page for details!

growing together

"Autumn Path" is a Modern Impressionist piece I created while working from a real photo.  To add an abstract element, I used 4 canvases put together.  This can be done in any size/ shape, or if you prefer a single canvas, I can do that too.  24" x 36" total size for $200. This piece has sold, but I can create another.   Other colors and sizes are possible too, just ask!  This has very thick, bright paint and texture that adds dimension.

"Growing Together" is a 24" x 36" Triptych" for $200. Very modern, vibrant, and colorful, this painting shows two trees leaning towards each other as they grow. 

What a wonderful world

This is a three piece painting. Vivid and colorful, this takes up 48" of width (or 52" if spaced apart two inches) and 20" of height. $275.

Cherry Blossoms

"Cherry Blossoms" is a four panel painting.  Heavily textured on the branches to look and feel real, with tissue paper worked into the background, this mixed media four piece will take up about 30" x 52", depending on your choice of spacing.  $225.



"Here Comes The Sun" is a 20" x  48" triptych of a path of trees in the fall.  This is one of my most requested paintings! $200.


"A Walk In The Park" was first made as an early fall painting with plenty of green (below, left) and then an order came in for that painting with more reds and oranges - a later fall painting  (right).  Another custom order came in for this painting with shades of dusty rose - an early spring version!  I love the glow of these particular paints.  Either one can be ordered for $300.  Three panels, each 12" x 24".  

Total size 24" x 36".   

Here is a series of paintings I made of the same tree as it changes from a cold winter to a bloom filled spring plum.

Each painting is made of three 16" x 20" canvases.

"Winter's End" $300.    SOLD.  Can make another upon request.  

"Spring Solstice" $300

"April Plum" $300.  SOLD, but can make another upon request. 

4 seasons tree

This is a custom made 4 Seasons Tree, made with the customer's color preferences in mind.  You can order one like this or adjusted to your color preferences.  $250.  Four panels, each 12" x 24".

family tree

This is a family tree design that was custom designed.  Below is a picture of this on my sister's wall, filled with picture frames of relatives!  The picture below shows the detail of the flowers and leaves.  Below to the left are pictures of the pattern in her curtains and pillows.  If you give me photos of decorations you like in the room where your custom piece will hang, I can do this for you!  A family tree design like this one would cost $200 and comes with a hanging template, also custom made by me!



"Twilight" above is a six piece painting, each canvas measuring 11" x 14".  Spacing is flexible, but this will take up about 58" of width and 32" of height.  Sold, but can reorder.  $200.


"Ombre" above and to the right has sold.  Can be ordered again in any color for $200.  Same size.


"Savannah" directly to the right is the same size and price.  Available.


"Moondance" below has sold.  Same price and size as Twilight.  If you'd like to order "Moondance" just let me know and I'll paint it again.

Twisted Tree Mural

This is a mural I made in my daughter's room.  If you live in the Las Vegas area and would like a mural in your home, contact me for a price quote.

*All images on this website are Copyright Art By Mandy Joy.  All rights reserved.  Duplication not allowed.  However, sharing my images with friends (with my information attached) is encouraged!  If you would like to use my images on a website, tattoo, greeting card, home decor items, etc, please ask!  

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