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Autumn Birches

Fall is the most beautiful season in my opinion.  Here are some of my paintings, inspired by the beauty of Autumn.  You can order any of these as they are, or ask for a change in size, color, or layout.

Above is a close-up of my Red Birch.  To the left, I've shown what it would look like framed in a modern room.  This painting is 16" x 20" for $85.  Sold, but can re-order.

This vertical Red Birch Triptych consists of three 8" x 10" paintings.  $80 total as is, or with a color change.  Other sizing available.

This Yellow Birch Two Panel also has a very realistic, three dimensional feel.  Made of two 16" x 20" canvases.  $200.

A three piece like this would be $250.

This Orange Birch was made on Halloween, and has a foggy background that adds a certain mysterious, spooky feeling.  The foreground is very crisp.  This is one of my favorite pieces!  20" x 16".  $85.

Red Birch Horizontal Triptych - consists of three 16" x 20" panels for $225.

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