Here are some examples of my custom made animal paintings!


One pet portrait on 11 x 14" or 12" x 12" canvas is $100.   Simple background included.  Ordering button found at the bottom of this page for a simple portrait.   Don't forget to e-mail me a photo!   

Other backgrounds and sizes are available.  Those would be a custom order - click the custom order button at the bottom of this page for a quote.


E-mail me a picture you might like to have painted, and I will get back to you with a price quote.   We can work together to find a size that fits your wall and your budget.  There are so many options!

Animal Portfolio


This is one of my very favorite portraits, which was published by "Best International Female Artists" on their Facebook page in July 2014.  The photo I worked from is to the left.  The customer asked for this hunting dog to be shown in the woods, which is a background upgrade.  An 11" x 14" portrait like this would be $125.

Simple background examples:


Click the "Buy Now" Button to order a simple background portrait like one above.

These are examples of background upgrades.

The pricing depends directly on how much time it would take to paint that level of detail.


Left: $15 upgrade ($115 total).                                    Middle: $25 upgrade ($125 portrait total).                    Right: $50 upgrade ($150 portrait).

Multiple Pets

Two pets can be put into the same portrait (11" x 14" size) for $160.  Here are Fearless and Louie. the cats.  Below are two dogs together on a 16" x 20" canvas.  Current pricing on that size for two pets is $200.  For more pets, a background upgrade, or a different size canvas, just ask me for a quote!  Working from the same photo is ideal, for lighting and sizing reasons.  If combining different photos into the same portrait, a fee would apply.

These are 24" x 36" custom ordered paintings showing all the dogs ever owned by a customer.  This was put together from many different photos to incorporate each dog in his/ her favorite place.  I can do the same for you!

Other Details...

Colored Pencil Portraits

This is my first colored pencil portrait completed in December 2014, which was featured online by Best International Female Artists.

Some of the very best, most realistic pet portraits I've seen in all my scouring the internet are those made from colored pencil.  It sounds like a medium reserved for children, but trust me when I say that this is considered the best medium for pet portraits, allowing for amazing detail in the fur.  


These are very labor intensive, taking at least three times longer than my painted portraits.  Also, one may be surprised at the cost of a set of portrait quality colored pencils and paper.  Due to these factors, the pricing is quite a bit higher.  These are my top line portraits.


A matted 9" x 12" portrait on fine paper is $175.   Alternate sizing available upon request.

Tattoo/ Simplicity Pets:

These cute animals are available on 4" canvases for $20, 5" canvases for $27, and 6" canvases for $35!  All painted by hand.  None are prints.  Ask me if the one you want is available, or if I can make your preferred animal in this style as a custom order!  If you would like me to make yours as a custom order, please understand these are very simple and freestyle!  That's the beauty of it!  On these, I just let creativity take over!

For more info on these, go to Nature Gallery!

*All images on this website are Copyright Art By Mandy Joy.  All rights reserved.  Duplication not allowed.  However, sharing my images with friends (with my information attached) is encouraged!  If you would like to use my images on a website, tattoo, greeting card, home decor items, etc, please ask!  

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