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Acrylic Portraits of People


I offer a few choices for painted portraits.  I enjoy painting in a modern style (rather than a traditional style that looks like it might be a photograph).  It's easy enough to print photos onto canvas if that's the look you desire.  I like to show a little character!  These 12" x 12" square portraits below feature either just the face (or part of the face)  or can include head,  shoulders, and an arm.  I often like to put them off-center.  These can be black and white, in full color, or for a very cool modern effect, black and white with just one feature in color (hair, eyes or lips).  Please e-mail me a photo to see if it's suitable for a painting.  It needs to be a high quality close-up.  It's very difficult to work from small, grainy images, and it won't produce a good painting.  I have to be selective on images to paint from, and whether I currently have the time for portraits, as they tend to be very labor intensive.



12" square color portraits are $150 each, or $550 for a family of four.  ($50 savings.)

If you have a family of three plus a pet, we can mix and match and do the package of 4.  

Black and white portraits are $125 each, or $475 for a family of 4.


A 12" x 16" single canvas of a couple together is $250 (Mostly faces, in this modern style).  This can be done using two separate photos for $275.  I don't do any smaller sizes because it is harder to work in tiny detail.  If you are thinking of anything larger, scroll down...


Modern impressionist portraits are at the bottom of the page for a really stylish option!


These portraits are larger, take more time, have more layers, and look more realistic.  I want to stress that they ARE supposed to look like a painting, not be mistaken for a photo.  They can be ordered in many sizes, starting at 16" x 20": in black and white, in color, with plain backgrounds or upgraded backgrounds.  All of these are shown here with their reference photos.  Please inquire for pricing.  There is a link at the bottom of the page.  Prices in this size and detail start at $250, and vary according to chosen options.  

Large Acrylic Portraits

These are also more photo realistic and very large.  Pieces like this take me about a week, so the price tag is higher - starting at $400 for a 24" x 36", possibly more, depending on detail and how long it will take me to recreate.  Feel free to get in touch with me for a quote.  Please include a photo for me to consider.  (See bottom of this page for e-mail link.)

Above: reference photo.  

Below: Portrait

For info on these particular paintings, please see "Dia de los Mueretos Gallery" tab.  This is a very popular art style where I live, which is near Mexico, where Dia de los Muertos is a celebrated holiday.  Except for the very first painting of the series, these are all made from my imagination, using a regular photo of a lady or man.  I can turn you into one of these girls!  For a price quote, just send me a photo and ask!

This piece, called "A Mother's Love" in 24" x 36" size, was featured online by several websites including Best International Female Artists.  It was shared across the world, getting me many fans from Italy, Spain, Egypt, Afghanistan, and Portugal.

"Say My Name" is my portrait of the main character from the hit TV series Breaking Bad.  This is Heisenberg or Walter White.  Actor Bryan Cranston.  This was featured on many international art websites, and seems to be one of my best known and loved pieces.  24" x 24".  $300.



This style of painting involves thick paint, a palette knife, and some imagination! There are splashes and lines of color.  Blending is not part of this style.  It is the most fun and creative type of portrait to make.  Below is a special photo of my husband and myself on an anniversary trip.  Below right, I recreated the scene, changing colors to a more pleasing palette, and made a very personal portrait of us.  It hangs in our living room.  I'd love to do portraits of dancing people with flying colors.  (Update - I did a gallery show of these dancers.  Shown on separate tab.)   Shown below is a 24" x 24" portrait for $200.

Grandpa's Girl

This is a modern impressionist portrait of a girl (now grown) with her grandfather,  A sweet and wonderful memory made for a perfect and thoughtful gift!  Backgrounds can be changed easily!


Smallest available size: 12" x 16".  1 face is $100.  Two faces = $150.


16" x 20": 1 face $125.  Two faces = $200.  3 faces = $250.  Larger options are definitely available!

Connor and his Godfather

This was made from two separate photos.  

Due to having to size things proportionately and fix issues with lighting, to put two photos into one portrait, there is a $25 fee to work from separate photos.


See Dancer Gallery and Nudes/ Silhouettes Gallery.  A portrait doesn't have to be a traditional pose.  I can be commissioned to create something like this of your loved one doing what they love to do.  You may or may not choose to have their face featured.  So many options!  I also love to paint trees in this style - see tree gallery.  This is some of my most popular work!

...And More!


A creative portrait doesn't have to have a face!  Sometimes mystery is a fabulous thing!


This huge painting (36" x 48") is of Aphrodite, the goddess of water.  Some see her melting into the water, while others see her coming up from the water.   Her dress is decorated with sequins and jewels.  To accent this painting, I surrounded her with climbing vines, hanging plants in lantern jars, and iron scroll work.  The entire installation is $2295.  If you are only interested in the painting without the surrounding garden, that is also an option for $1500.

Other Creative Portraits...  

I think I do my best work when I choose what to do from a certain photo.  These are examples of my creativity, unlimited.

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