Office Curation Services

Sometimes as a way to fill the walls of a business, the owner will choose to ask an artist to fill the walls with work that is for sale.  This is a great opportunity for the business to attract customers who may not otherwise have entered their business, be furnished with handmade original pieces at no cost, and have another person advertising your business.  The artist also benefits from your advertising and existing clientele.  It's a great way to work as a community.  Below are photos of an office suite in Las Vegas that I curated.  I visited the business, spoke with the owners about what they would like to see, showed them some photos I had put together based on our phone call, and they showed me their likes and dislikes.  I took measurements, chose a team of 7 artists including myself, and hung all the work.  As pieces sell, I replaced them in as little time as possible.  This approach does take some time to coordinate, but was very fulfilling.  Here are photos!  

In the following photos, click the photo to see all the information.  Still have a question?  Call or text Mandy at 702-281-3659.

The following is a display at an office that has since closed.  Many of these pieces of art are still available, and I kept this gallery of photos up because it's great to see how these paintings worked together to create an overall aesthetic.  

*All images on this website are Copyright Art By Mandy Joy.  All rights reserved.  Duplication not allowed.  However, sharing my images with friends (with my information attached) is encouraged!  If you would like to use my images on a website, tattoo, greeting card, home decor items, etc, please ask!  

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