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Here are some of my custom pieces.

E-mail me a photo of something you'd like to have painted, whether it be a scenic location, a pet, or something abstract, and I will give you a price quote based on size, materials, and detail.  See bottom of this page for details!

His Baby

Because his car is his baby...  Here is the customized 16" x 20" Car Painting.


For the garage, man cave, bachelor pad...


I can make you this painting, or customize so it looks like whatever car you wish, in this style.  $75 for 16" x 20". Need a different size?  Just ask!

Green Machine

This is a custom ordered painting of a custom ordered car!  I offer these in a few different levels.


For a 16" x 20" size, black and white is $75.

Color is and additional $50.  ($125 total).

Adding a background  is an additional $50.  (This painting has background and color.  Total = $175.

The Jersey Shore

This is a 36" x 48" custom order.  Beside it is one of the photographs given to me by the customer, taken from her parents' beach house balcony, with Atlantic City and Ocean City in the background on the left side.  


Give me a photo of your happy place, and I'll paint it!



Disney Castle

This was a gift for a girl graduating high school, with many talents and dreams and her future wide open.  Written on the back: "All our dreams can come true, if only we have the courage to pursue them."  -Walt Disney.


Disneyland was her family's special place, and she hopes to work there as an artist someday.  Such a sweet order.

Jane's Journey 


This order was from a loving husband, to comfort his wife, who has cancer.  He wasn't sure exactly what he wanted, but he wanted the painting to express that there's more good life around the corner and that she'll get through this.  


After asking some questions, I decided to model the painting after Monet's garden, since she is a big fan of Monet.  I put her dark time in the background, but drew the eye to the colored foreground, where there are lilies, her favorite flower.   The quote is one that has brought me through hard times, and I hope it has done the same for her.  


I do sell this on greeting cards.  Contact me if you want one for someone special.

Cancun, Mexico

This is a custom piece created to fit a certain space and match the existing decor in the room.  The couple had pastel colors in the room, and one of their favorite pasttimes is to travel.  Since they had honeymooned in Cancun, Mexico, we decided on a panoramic scene of the beach in Cancun.  Composed of five 24" x 30" canvases, this painting fills an 11 foot wide space and is 30" tall.  $1,000.

Cabin in the Woods

This painting was ordered as a gift from a wife to her husband.  This is their vision for their retirement together!  They dream of someday retiring to a cabin in the woods, by a stream in the mountains.  There was no provided reference photo.  She let me paint it how I saw it.  I loved having the artistic freedom to lay it out on my own!

A Mother's Love

This is a 24" x 36" custom portrait, ordered by the baby's father as a gift to the new mother.  One of the sweetest requests ever!  The top left photo is the main reference photo, but the lighting changed their skin tones, so I asked for a second picture that showed their usual skin tones.  

Vacation is NOT over!

After coming off a cruise ship and back to reality, you might find yourself missing your favorite spot.  I can help with that - at least a little - give me a picture of your favorite spot and let me recreate it for you.  A 12" x 36" with this amount of detail is $125.  Send me a photo and I'll give you an estimate in a size that will work for your space.

This is a custom piece that represents the separate interests of two people coming together in marriage.  There are music and acting symbols, two national flowers, tattoos, and shark fins.  Everything here has meaning to this couple!  Their wedding date and location are shown as well.  I was allowed some artistic freedom on this one, so I asked a lot of questions about things they love and their heritage.  I'd be happy to make a custom piece for another couple!

Glitz and Glamour

Beauty Shop

Here is a piece I made for my own hairdresser's shop!  Her studio is shown below so you can see the style she already had and how I catered to that.  If you don't quite know what you want, but you want it to go with what you already have, give me a try!  This 18 X 24" piece is $150.  Available in other colors.  I also have prints available.  8" x 10" matted and framed to 11" x 14" size all ready to go for $20.


This painting was ordered by an excited aunt-to-be, to give to her pregnant sister.  The baby's name will be Rowan, like the tree, and he will be born in November.  At the base of the tree are the parents, in cartoon form.  They are in a band called The Hound + The Fox!  With them is their adorable little dog, all waiting for Rowan.  This will be his nursery decor.  

Family Tree

This is a family tree design that was custom designed.  Below is a picture of this on my sister's wall, filled with picture frames of relatives!  The picture below shows the detail of the flowers and leaves.  Below to the left are pictures of the pattern in her curtains and pillows.  If you give me photos of decorations you like in the room where your custom piece will hang, I can do this for you!  A family tree design like this one would cost $300 and comes with a hanging template, also custom made by me!

Twisted Tree

This tree mural was my daughter's Christmas gift.  She loves a design she's seen of a feather turning into birds, so I designed her a tree with leaves turning into birds and flying away.  She said it was one of the best gifts ever!  While I cannot do murals just anywhere, I would consider it for Las Vegas locals.

Paradise Falls

This custom piece was ordered by a new bride to give to her husband.  They are big fans of the movie "Up" and had a Disney wedding with this theme.  She sent me a photo of the space she wanted to fill (shown with the painting, at left) and I gave her some options for the layout.  Here is the finished custom painting.  Close-up below.  This was done in acrylics and spray paint, covered in a protective gloss that gives it a photographic quality.   Each piece is 24" x 24", spanning about 12 feet of width in their Great Room. 

Carl & Ellie Chairs

In response to his gift, the groom commissioned me to paint this for the bride!  These chairs are symbolic (also from the movie "Up" and were the toppers on their wedding cake!  Now this hangs in their living room as reminder.  It's all about growing old together.  


I have been getting so many custom orders I've started just sorting them by type.  More can be found in my Nature Gallery, of course Pet Portraits, Pencil Portraits, Acrylic Portraits, and almost every other gallery!


As long as the special order is not of a private nature, I do share your order on social media and my website.  If it is a gift, I wait until after the gift is given.  


While the commissioned original belongs to the purchaser, printing rights remain with the artist unless other arrangements are agreed upon in advance.

How much will it cost?

Your price will be based on cost of materials and how many hours I anticipate your project will take, based on my expereince in similar projects.  When I give you a quote, that is the bottom line price.  If it is more work than I anticipated, it is still the same cost to you!  I'll just learn a better price for next time.  


Using my menu at the top of the screen, see each gallery to get an idea on my prices.  Don't hesitate to just ask if you're curious!  I get many requests for price quotes.  Some order, some don't.  All in a day's work!  I WILL NOT be pushy with you.  Go on... click the button below!

Wedding gifts, baby gifts, Pet Portraits, basically any gift for any occasion...

See pencil portrait gallery, pet/ animal gallery, Painted people gallery, etc!  Feel free to just send me an e-mail of your photo, and I'll make it easy and quote you prices on a couple of sizes!  

This painting of the temple in Provo, Utah (above) was a wedding gift from the bride's parents.  They asked me to use the church from the bottom right photo, with the sky from the top right photo!  

Vegas Golden Knights Custom 4 Piece Panoramic


This was designed with the customer, to fit their wall space in their loft.  8 feet wide by 2 feet tall, (but each piece would be spread out a few inches).  I can design something according to your room and interests!

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