Custom Reproductions


Sometimes customers ask me to reproduce a painting from a well known deceased master, like Van Gogh or Monet.  Other times they may have a small painting from an unknown artist that they wish they had in a larger size.   Often, my price for reproducing a painting is better than ordering a print of a well known piece.  Also, I think most of us agree that a real painting looks much classier than a print.  My ability to do this will depend on copyright laws.  Here are some examples of reproductions I have done on the right column.  The left column has the original for purposes of comparison:

Von Gogh's Starry Night above.  Mine to the right in 16" x 20".

Monet's Waterlilies Green Reflections 1914-18 below.  

My version to the right - 24 x 30".

Monet's The Sea at Fecamp (1881) below,

and mine to the right in 24" x 30".

Jackson Pollack's Convergence is shown below, and the customer requested that I throw in a few more colors at the end - which is shown in the picture on the right.  24" x 36".

This is an old Oriental painting that the customer wanted enlarged.  Shown in 20" x 20" size to the right.

*All images on this website are Copyright Art By Mandy Joy.  All rights reserved.  Duplication not allowed.  However, sharing my images with friends (with my information attached) is encouraged!  If you would like to use my images on a website, tattoo, greeting card, home decor items, etc, please ask!  

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