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Custom Reproductions


Sometimes customers ask me to reproduce a painting from a well known deceased master, like Van Gogh or Monet.  Other times they may have a small painting from an unknown artist that they wish they had in a larger size.   Often, my price for reproducing a painting is better than ordering a print of a well known piece.  Also, I think most of us agree that a real painting looks much classier than a print.  My ability to do this will depend on copyright laws.  Here are some examples of reproductions I have done on the right column.  The left column has the original for purposes of comparison:

Von Gogh's Starry Night above.  Mine to the right in 16" x 20".

Monet's Waterlilies Green Reflections 1914-18 below.  

My version to the right - 24 x 30".

Monet's The Sea at Fecamp (1881) below,

and mine to the right in 24" x 30".

Jackson Pollack's Convergence is shown below, and the customer requested that I throw in a few more colors at the end - which is shown in the picture on the right.  24" x 36".

This is an old Oriental painting that the customer wanted enlarged.  Shown in 20" x 20" size to the right.

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