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If you are disappointed that a painting you love has been sold, don't be!  Just ask me if it's possible to reorder.  If I've painted it once, chances are, I can paint it again!  Some special custom orders will never be reproduced, and some painting techniques are not very controlled and easily reproduced.  If that's the case, I'll tell you up front.  However, most pieces can be re-made with only tiny differences.  Below are some examples of orders I've remade, some with requested changes...

(Requested less yellow below.) 

(Different size)

(Requested color change)

These were taken with different cameras/ lighting.  The one on the left is true color.

These birds have evolved - some have more or less snow, more defined birds, and different color requests.  I do wish I had photographed them the same way for comparison purposes, but you get the idea...

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