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Artist Statement:

I find inspiration in all the beautiful things around us: animals, mountains, trees, people, even tiny bugs and creatures.  We are surrounded by beauty… the smooth curves of a classic car, the way the sun shines through a forest, the splash of wine hitting the glass, the dramatic way a dancer’s skirt flies after she stops moving, and the sudden bolt of lightning in a dark storm.  I seek to capture these moments and the emotions they evoke, and freeze them in time.  I think it encourages us to slow down in this busy world.  

Welcome to my website!

Here are some examples of my work.  Please browse through my different galleries to see more, using the Gallery Tab at the top of the page.  It is a drop down menu, containing many types of my work.  I hope you enjoy this page.  If you'd like to order some of my work,  click the "Buy Now" button by the piece you'd like.  If there is not a button (or if you want to customize your order) please go to the section: Contact/ Order/Buy.  This will direct you to my e-mail and Facebook page so that you can contact me directly for a custom designed piece, or one like  you see on this site.  There is also a link to my Fine Art America website, where you can order prints of my work in many different formats.  


If you would like to give a piece of art work as a gift, but are struggling to figure out what to give, I have gift certificates available!  (See the Contact/ Order Page to e-mail me for a gift certificate).  These are available in any amount, you pay online via credit card, and have it e-mailed to you the same day - such a quick and easy gift idea!


If you would like to see my work in person, please see my Public Display Gallery for more information!  I am willing to meet customers there by appointment for custom consultations.  This also applies to my Las Vegas Art Galleries Tab.  If you are in Las Vegas, there are plenty of ways to see my art in person!


If you enjoy my work, please "like" my Facebook page for more frequent updates and sales, and to help my business grow!  I would really appreciate it.        


To show my appreciation for those who keep coming back for more art, I have established a "Collectors Club".  Anyone who spends $275+ in one calendar year will get free shipping on the rest of their orders that year, as well as my art calendar (for free) for the following year!


                                  -Mandy Joy

My Instagram News Feed:

My website gets updated about every 3 months.  In between, so much happens that you don't want to miss!  I churn out at least a dozen paintings per month.  I have special events at galleries and other venues.  Follow me on Instagram (Art_by_mandy_joy) to keep up!  Here's a sneak peek below.  I've also got a Facebook account for art: Art by Mandy Joy).  

*All images on this website are Copyright Art By Mandy Joy.  All rights reserved.  Duplication not allowed.  However, sharing my images with friends (with my information attached) is encouraged!  If you would like to use my images on a website, tattoo, greeting card, home decor items, etc, please ask!  

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